Decks & Handicapped Ramps

Decks & Handicapped Ramps

Decks & Entrances

Looking to add a deck to your home, or a handicap ramp to your existing one? New stairs? Maybe you just need to repair your existing one.

Give us a call and we would be happy to discuss your options with you.

16 x 32 split level deck with Veranda decking and railings

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12 x 15' pool deck connecting upper deck to pool

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12 x 12' deck with handicapped ramp sitting on a concrete slab

free standing entrance

This is our basic 5' x 6' Pressure treated free standing entrance. It sits atop concrete block "feet", with 4 x 4 supports. It is framed with 2 x 10 bolted to the 4 x 4's for support and stability. It has 2 x 6 stringers and 5/4" pressure treated decking and stair treads with a handicapped railing.

Steps can face left, right, or straight away from the door. If your home sits on a concrete slab, the back "legs" will be secured to the slab for additional stability.

12' x 12' freestanding deck

This is a basic 12' x 12' freestanding pressure treated deck. It has 2 x 10 outside framing, 4 x 4 supports, with 2 x 8 stringers. It has 5/4 decking and stair treads with a handicapped railing. All supports are nailed and bolted for additional support and stability.

Decks may have multiple stairs.

If your home sits on a concrete slab, the rear "legs" are secured to the pad for additional security. Front legs con be on concrete block feet, or sauna tubes, depending on your towns building requirements.

12'x16' freestanding deck

12 x 16 freestanding Pressure treated deck with 2 sets of stairs

12 x 26 freestanding deck with 2 sets of stairs

If the area you wish to put the deck, covers some type of infrastructure, the deck can be made in 2 sections for ease of moving in the event repairs are needed.

screened-in porch

8 x 16' Free standing screened in porch

48' handicapped ramp

48' handicapped ramp

This particular ramp, we did as a volunteer project. Homeowner purchased the material and re provided the labor. Got a great crew of volunteers together and it went really quick.